Why People Choose A&D Asphalt Solutions for their driveway paving and repair.

Our professionals have over a decade of experience in the asphalt paving industry. We care about your paving project. Our passion for what we do shows in the finished product.

We use only the most modern up to date paving equipment, enabling us to do the highest quality work, guaranteed. We evolve constantly with industry changes and embrace new technologies that enhance our productivity and product quality.

Our services include design layout, site excavation, and base preparation for the construction of new asphalt paving projects as well as the repair and replacement of existing asphalt driveways, asphalt parking lots and all other asphalt applications.

Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have related to asphalt paving.

We recycle all your old asphalt making A&D Asphalt your most environmentally friendly option.

We stand behind all our work with a one-year warranty.

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Find out why A&D Asphalt Solutions is the top rated, most trusted residential driveway paving and parking lot paving company in the Okanagan by home owners and businesses.

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Replace Old Asphalt and Add a Turn Around

Our client wanted to replace all of the original aging asphalt driveway and at the same time widen and level the entrance from the road. We also added a turnaround through the front yard and replaced/widened the old asphalt lane to the back yard shed.

See photos.

Jackpine Road

We removed the existing asphalt and base. Rebuilt the base and repaved for a completely new driveway.

Silver Star

We paved this large area between a home and shop. We graded the area to ensure water flowed safely around the home.

Driveway project in Vernon

We installed a new French drain to control waterflow and drain away from the home before we added new asphalt to this new driveway.

Dixon Dam Road

This local Vernon farm wanted to reduce the dust and mud on their large farm. We repaired/renewed and graded the existing base for the best water runoff and longest life. We paved at 3" thick with hot mix asphalt using our newest asphalt paving machine.

Bella Vista Road Vernon

This home in Vernon was in need of more parking area. The homeowner took this as an opportunity to not only create more parking area, but to create a cleaner look free from gravel and weeds.  Before moving forward with the asphalt driveway installation, the existing base was excavated and graded out to the road and rebuilt with fresh road crush to eliminate low areas where water and ice could form. Hot mix asphalt was used to update the existing surface. The new asphalt surface creates a new, cleaner look, free from weeds and is easier to clear snow.

New asphalt driveway overlooking the lake.

We added a new asphalt driveway to this home, giving this client added convenience.

New replacement driveway.

This driveway project included removing the old broken up asphalt, replacing the defective base and applying new 2" thick asphalt for a brand new look.

Fresh asphalt.

We worked closely with this customer to ensure their new driveway was exactly what they were looking for.

New asphalt driveway in the Okanagan.

This existing asphalt driveway was in bad shape when we arrived. We removed the broken asphalt, repaired the base and installed new hot mix asphalt.

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