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Our recent work.

Perfectly Formed Parking Lot Curbs!

We're excited to share our latest achievement! Our team recently completed a full parking lot paving job for one of our best clients, delivering a safe and durable surface that enhances accessibility and aesthetics.

A highlight of this project is the perfectly formed curbs created with our new state of the art asphalt curbing machine. This cutting-edge technology gives us the ability to manufacture perfectly formed curbs of many different shapes and sizes. Our new curbs not only look great but can also redirect water run off into the proper drainage systems.

We're committed to excellence in every project we undertake.

Thank you for trusting us with your paving needs!

We also repair parking lot potholes, sinking or protruding catch basin drains. We are equipped to handle small and very large shopping mall parking lot repairs and paving.

Call now for a free quote to transform your business or strata with a new asphalt parking lot from A&D Asphalt Solutions.

We serve the Okanagan Valley, Lake Country, Kelowna and Shuswap.

A&D Asphalt Solutions Transforms Local Vernon Business Parking Lot with Complete Tear Out and Repaving

A&D Asphalt Solutions took on a significant project to revamp the parking lot of a local business in Vernon, delivering exceptional results from start to finish. We began by tearing out the old broken asphalt, capturing the process in photos, and meticulously rebuilt a solid base to ensure a lasting foundation. The transformation continued with expert repaving, leaving the parking lot with a smooth, durable, and aesthetically pleasing asphalt surface.

But we didn't stop there. Our attention to detail extended to painting clear and defined parking lines, optimizing parking space usage for customers and employees. Additionally, we installed asphalt curbs to enhance safety and control water flow within the parking lot.

The photos tell the story of a thorough parking lot overhaul, showcasing the tear-out process, the base rebuild, and the stunning finished asphalt. At A&D Asphalt Solutions, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, offering top notch paving solutions that breathe new life into commercial spaces. Trust us for all your paving needs and we will exceed your expectations.

Parking lot repair at Home Building Center

The asphalt around this drain became broken. Allowing water to creep under the existing asphalt creating more cracks and breakup. We were called in to assess the damage and come up with a solution. The old, cracked asphalt was removed, the base was repaired and new asphalt was placed. The vibrant, new surface will provide a safer, more aesthetically pleasing experience for visitors and enhance the overall appeal of the property.

A&D Asphalt Solutions Excels in Industrial Paving with 3-Inch Transport Grade Hot Mix Asphalt

Our customer wanted an area paved to store their skid steer and building materials. We paved the area using a solid 3 inch thick transport grade hot mix asphalt surface, tailored for heavy duty equipment and industrial storage. We take pride in meeting unique industrial requirements, enhancing productivity, and delivering top-notch results. Trust A&D Asphalt Solutions for your paving needs and experience the expertise that earned us a premier reputation in the industry. Contact us today to pave the way to success for your facility.

Revitalizing Vernon: A Recent Paving Success Story

We are excited to showcase our recent asphalt paving project in the City of Vernon. Our team worked tirelessly to repair and pave the city's roads, enhancing the driving experience for locals and visitors alike. We are proud to contribute to Vernon's ongoing efforts to maintain its infrastructure and improve the quality of life for its residents.

Parking Lot Drain Repair

We repaired 2 drain areas in this commercial parking lot by cutting out the sunken area, resetting the drain height, rebuilding the base and repaving with hot mix asphalt.

New Asphalt For A Local Storage Center

A local storage business expanded their operation, and we supplied the industrial grade 65mm spec. asphalt they needed.

BC Ambulance

The old asphalt at BC Ambulance in Vernon was in rough shape. We removed the old asphalt, repaired the base and repaved with 3" thick hot mix asphalt. We also repainted the lines and posts.

Bridge Repair

We were called in to repair the entrance and exits of a bridge. We excavated the damaged asphalt, repaired the base and repaved.

Armstrong Railway Crossing

Railway crossing repair.

Superior road repairs in the winter months

This is a commercial road repair completed in the winter.

Paver Patch repair

Our skilled workers cut out and removed the broken asphalt and repaired the with new hot mix asphalt using our paving machine.

Hand patch on Silver Star road in Vernon

We worked closely with the city to get this pothole repaired quickly and get traffic flowing again.

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