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Our Driveway Paving Services

Driveway Paving and Base Repair
We specialize in removing your old, damaged asphalt and installing brand new asphalt pavement.
However, if your old asphalt is sinking or heaving, it's usually a sign that  the base under the asphalt has been compromised or not constructed well. In this case we not only remove the old, damaged asphalt, but also the underlying failed base material and haul it away.
The next step would be to install a fresh new subbase and base layer. This includes grading Level the subbase to ensure proper drainage. Compacting the subbase and base after each new layer is placed using rollers to create a solid foundation. This step is crucial for preventing future settling and cracking.
Final grading by smoothing the surface of the compacted base to create a uniform and even foundation for the new asphalt.
Conducting a final round of compaction to ensure the base is solid and ready for paving.
This new base will ensure your new asphalt will stay level and solid.
The final step is to place your new hot mix asphalt and compact it to create a care free surface for many years.
Driveway Resurfacing
We can remove your old, damaged asphalt and lay down fresh new asphalt. Additionally, we can prep your existing gravel surface and pave with new asphalt. In some instances, it is cost-effective to resurface your existing asphalt driveway, enhancing both its appearance and functionality.
Asphalt Pothole Repair
Instead of simply filling in holes with asphalt, we cut around the pothole, repair the base, add primer to the newly cut asphalt edges to ensure a good water tight seal. We then add fresh new asphalt into the area and compact it to prevent further deterioration for a long lasting repair.
Custom Drainage Solutions
We can evaluate your drainage requirements and install channel drains and catch basins. These drain systems can either integrate with existing drainage systems or we can design and implement new ones. Additionally, we can construct dry wells to address challenging drainage issues. Contact us now for a free quote.
Asphalt Recycling
We Recycle old asphalt to keep it out of landfills, promoting environmental sustainability.
Sports Courts and Recreation Areas
Construction of asphalt surfaces for Pickleball, Tennis, and basket ball courts, as well as other recreational areas.
Sidewalk and Walkway Installation
Construction of asphalt sidewalks and walkways for residential, strata, municipal and all other properties.
Custom Asphalt Projects.
Tailored asphalt solutions to meet your specific needs or creative ideas.
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A&D Asphalt Solutions extends its services throughout the Okanagan and Shuswap regions, and for larger paving projects, we are willing to travel to other parts of the province. Please feel free to inquire for more details.